Our Goldens

Our goldens share our home as full members of our family.

While we acknowledge and respect them as members of another species, we embrace their willingness and ability to accept our human foibles and offer us so freely their friendship, companionship and loyalty.   We offer them the same in return.

We have been breeding occasional litters of goldens for 17 years as a passionate hobby and not as a commercial venture.

Our dogs are from field/working lines rather than show lines and there is a difference between the two.   Our dogs are smaller, lighter in bone, have dark gold coats and warm, almond shaped eyes.   They are fit, trim, active, agile and athletic so do need daily off leash running when adults.

While our priority is to breed healthy puppies, we place great emphasis on breeding for sound, stable temperament.   We keep apprised of the various health and genetic issues in this breed and the development of new tests that become available that can be used to improve our breeding program.

Our dogs and their offspring exhibit easy going temperaments and emotional control.   They love everyone without reservation and are trustworthy with children.   They are smart, eager to learn, responsive and co-operative, so are easy to train.   They are ultra social and seek out human companionship and their gregarious nature is such that they are best suited to living with active families and not left alone for long periods of time without mental and physical stimulation.

Our litters always generate a lot of interest and our puppies are often spoken for prior to breeding our dogs.   Some people are willing to wait a year or more to obtain a pup from us.

We always like to meet prospective puppy buyers to give them a chance to meet our adult goldens so they can see what their pup will grow up to be.   We also find out what the family is looking for in a golden and how the dog will be cared for.   Then, by mutual decision, the family is placed on our waiting list.   If we feel it necessary, we may recommend that this type of golden may not be the best choice for a particular family.

Our main objective is to make the best match possible between pup and pup’s forever family.   We observe and interact with our puppies very thoroughly and thoughtfully and find the process of selecting a pup more satisfactory if we match a particular pup with its future family based on our observations of the pup’s behaviour and personality at 7-8 weeks of age, even though it is early in the pup’s development and future environmental and genetic influences are unknown at this stage.

We register our pups with the Canadian Kennel Club on a non-breeding status.   We are required by law to register pups within 6 months from the date of sale.   We usually wait for several months after the pup has been placed to do this, just to make sure the pup has settled in well and the family is happy with its new family member.

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