Pet Buyer’s Contract

Thank you for acquiring a dog from Grahamgolden. We sincerely hope you will get great joy from your new best friend.

Grahamgolden raises Golden Retrievers in a non-commercial, home environment. We are respecting the guidelines of the Canadian Kennel Club that has granted the kennel name “Grahamgolden” to Alexandra Graham.

In order to make every reasonable effort to provide you with a sound retriever, both Sire and Dam have been deemed to be free of serious heart, eye, elbow, and hip defects by the various veterinary experts including those of the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph, the Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and OptiGen.

Please be aware that, in spite of all the precautions of sound breeding principles, there may be recessive genetic abnormalities or detrimental diet and environmental influences that may affect this dog’s health. These are beyond our control. Unfortunately, as some genetic defects can be passed from generation to generation as dormant genes and can then be expressed in a future generation, we cannot guarantee that this dog will not be affected by the genetic diseases of which its dam and sire have been cleared.

This dog is:

1] guaranteed for 24 months from date of birth against any disabling hereditary defects that will impair the dog’s ability to function as a companion and pet. Any veterinarian’s report, x-ray or other diagnostic tool which supports the said potential defect must be submitted to Grahamgolden for verification by our veterinarian.

All veterinary bills are the responsibility of the purchaser once this dog leaves Grahamgolden. If there is, by chance, a confirmed defect, we will accept the return of this dog and return your full purchase price or replace this dog with another dog at our time and option.

2] guaranteed to be free of clinical signs of disease and congenital defects at the date of delivery to you. It is your option to have your veterinarian verify this. If your veterinarian certifies to the contrary, within 5 working days of delivery to you, upon verification by our veterinarian we will accept the return of this dog and return your full purchase price or replace this dog with another dog at our time and option.

You have purchased a dog that is intact and has not been spayed or neutered and you are subject to a non-breeding agreement.

Should you decide to breed this dog, commencing at and through a normal recommended breeding age, you must apply at your cost through Grahamgolden to cancel the non-breeding agreement with Grahamgolden through the Canadian Kennel Club.

You agree to accept total responsibility for, and the costs of, having all the required breeding tests for clearance of genetic defects such as hip and elbow dysplasia, heart and eye defects. Copies of all the certifications and clearances by qualified veterinarians are to be provided to Grahamgolden prior to release from the non-breeding classification. Membership in the Canadian Kennel Club is mandatory for any breeding to occur.

On receipt of the required materials, we will be glad to assist you in permitting such breeding to occur. We are willing to offer our experience or direct you to experienced breeders in your role as a Canadian Kennel Club member breeder. All progeny of your breeding must be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club with copies of the registrations provided to Grahamgolden.

We would appreciate it if you would contact us with any health-related matters about this dog, including spaying and neutering. Should you choose not to breed, it is recommended that you have this dog spayed or neutered. Please do contact us in order that we may keep the record of the breeding line accurate.

Also, we would appreciate notice of any achievements this dog makes in any competitive venue. This also ensures that a continuing record of the pedigree’s success is kept as accurately as possible.

This dog has been examined by our veterinarian for normal health and soundness. The list of inoculations made and worming schedule performed is included on a separate sheet, as is the pedigree line. To the best of the knowledge of Grahamgolden, your new dog is in good health and condition.

You agree to consult with a veterinarian familiar with canine practice in order that you follow a regimen of good health, safety and feeding practices. You are totally responsible for the protection of this dog throughout its lifetime.

You agree to provide the necessary food, shelter, regular exercise and warmth of human companionship, including lifetime vaccinations and the constant provision of good nutritional canine foods and fresh water.

You agree to provide a safe, warm and comfortable sleeping area for this dog in your home.

You agree that it is in this dog’s best interest to keep its weight within an acceptable limit, as determined by your veterinarian. Over feeding, particularly during the first year of growth, can put undue stress on bone development and compromise this dog’s general health and longevity during its adult years.

You agree to give Grahamgolden first right of refusal if you are unable to continue to keep and care for this dog. Grahamgolden must be notified within 10 days of the intent of same or with the next owner’s name, address and telephone number should such waiver be given. The new owner, at his/her cost, must complete a separate agreement with Grahamgolden before the transfer of title of this dog via the Canadian Kennel Club.

Should there be a crisis/accident situation and/or, regretfully, this dog is to be euthanized on the counsel of a veterinarian, Grahamgolden must be notified as soon as is practical.

You agree to be totally responsible for the care of this dog in a safe, loving and healthy manner, including the provision of regular training and exercise.

Our puppies have working dog ancestors. They will grow up to be active, athletic animals with a great need for physical exercise.

You agree to take on the responsibility of providing this dog when adult with a minimum of half an hour of off leash exercise every day, supplemented with leashed walks. Any extra moderate physical activity such as retrieving and swimming is recommended.

You agree to not over exercise this dog during its growing period for the first 18 months, which can be extremely detrimental to its bone development. During this age period, running a dog hard, having a dog run along beside you while biking or jogging and extreme jumping are all activities that are in breach of this agreement.

Our puppies are highly intelligent and extremely social, and need mental stimulation and human company to keep them happy, busy and well behaved.

Leaving this dog in a crate for more than 5 consecutive hours without relief constitutes a breach of this agreement. Leaving this dog tied up alone and unattended for any length of time constitutes a breach of this agreement.

You agree that, if you work all day outside your home or are away all day from your home, you will make available such services as a dog walker, dog day care, dog sitting or other suitable arrangement that will give this dog an outlet for physical and mental stimulation while you are away.

You agree to provide this dog with, at a minimum, one series of puppy training classes and one series of follow up obedience classes in its first year in order that this dog will benefit from early socialization with other dogs and to assist you in teaching this dog basic obedience commands that will enable it to become a well mannered adult dog. Proof of attendance at such classes in the form of a certificate or receipt from the trainer/training institution is to be forwarded to Grahamgolden at the completion of such class.

You agree to never use this dog for any experimental use without the prior permission and sanction of Grahamgolden. Any advertising of or use of this dog for commercial gain in any manner is only with the permission and sanction of Grahamgolden. Any use of this dog as a participant in any clinical trial is only with the permission and sanction of Grahamgolden.

Grahamgolden’s interest in the welfare of this dog continues for its lifetime. We are only a phone call or email away, and urge you to keep us informed about this dog’s progress. If you have any concerns about this dog’s development, please contact us and we will do our utmost to help. We always welcome visits from families who have adopted our pups as we enjoy seeing pups grow up into healthy, active, loving companions.

Any breach of this agreement including injury, neglect or abuse, unauthorized breeding or transfer of title of this dog will void this title transferred in this agreement. The purchasers will be subject to the penalties of the Statutes and Regulations of Ontario and Canada, the Canadian Kennel Club and those legal actions as may be brought by Grahamgolden Kennel.


Seller: Alexandra Frances Graham
(Grahamgolden Kennel}
P.O. Box 295, Elora, ON N0B 1S0.
(519) 846-5533

Grahamgolden hereby transfers all title, rights and interest except as set out in this contract to the pure bred Golden Retriever known as

Grahamgolden ___________________________ Date of birth_______________
Microchip No_________________________________________________________


Purchaser(s) _____________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________


Telephone Number: (____)______________ Fax Number (____)______________

E-mail: ______________________________________________________________________

Purchase price ______________________________________________________________________

Purchase date ______________________________________________________________________

We understand the registration of our dog with the Canadian Kennel Club will take place within 6 months of the date of sale of this dog and we are to receive the registration particulars thence following.

We understand and agree to all the conditions of sale.

Date: ________________________________________________________________

Ó March 30, 2010 Alexandra F. Graham ~ Grahamgolden Kennel

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