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About Us and Our Breeding Philosophy


We love our Goldens and we have a passion for the breed!

We have owned Goldens for over 40 years. All through this time we have only been without a dog in our house for 6 months when we were waiting longingly for a litter to be born and to once again share our lives with a precious Golden.

We are a small, non-commercial breeder of purebred Golden Retrievers. Our dogs are treasured members of our family and we love sharing our lives with them. They lie draped across our laps on our couch, they eat in our kitchen and they sleep on our beds. They lie under our desks in our office. They sit quietly beside us at meetings and they put joy in the hearts of residents of a retirement home who love them and spoil them.

Our dogs are happy, active, athletic, lean and tractable. They run like the wind across our open fields, roll in the sweet summer grass, burrow through the fresh fallen snow, walk beside us on the trail that crosses our property and retrieve tennis balls forever. They leap into mud puddles, leave grit and mud on the kitchen floor, shed heavily twice a year (and less so the rest of the time), send objects flying with their wagging tails, and carry shoes, clothing and anything else that they can possibly pick up around the house, but we don’t mind. They want to be near us all the time and we love their company. They are unfailing in their devotion and loyalty. They give us a hero’s welcome each time we come home and make the perfect cuddling companions when we are feeling low.

We have experienced the pain of caressing a faithful, loving companion as the last few moments of her life slipped peacefully away. We have experienced the joy in assisting our mother Goldens bring forth new life and never fail to wonder at the miracle of birth.

Our puppies are born and raised for the first 4 weeks of their lives in our big country kitchen. They are then moved to a warm and sunny play room where they can run and play with a variety of stimulating toys. They instinctively use their litter box and love to curl up close to each other and go to sleep in their large crate.

We spend many hours holding our pups, stroking them, playing with them, talking to them, letting them climb all over us, kissing our faces and chewing on our shoelaces. As a result, our puppies are very people friendly, confident and outgoing when they leave for their new homes at the age of 7 weeks. They come with a 2 year ‘companion’ guarantee, are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, are wormed, microchipped and have their first vaccinations. They are also examined by our veterinarian prior to their departure to their new homes.

We have had the good fortune that our mother Goldens have been very attentive to their babies and are happy to share their charges with us, our other dogs, our cats and visitors spending time with their puppies.

We read avidly about Goldens and are particularly interested in the breed’s origin and purpose. We are committed to breeding Goldens that are true to their heritage and still exhibit the abilities for which they were initially bred. The breed was developed by the British gentry as a handsome hunting dog with the desire, drive, focus, fortitude and stamina to retrieve upland game and waterfowl, whose dense, short coat could withstand the rigours of passing through varying types of rough terrain and ice cold water, and a dog that could also offer quiet, loyal companionship to its owner.

In our breeding program we strive for good health, intelligence, sound temperament, happy disposition, confidence, trainability, stamina, drive, correct coat and structure. We particularly like the burnished copper coloured Goldens.

We do all that we can to prevent genetic abnormalities passing from our breeding females and males to their offspring, by certifying that each dam and sire has been cleared of heritable defects. This does not, however, provide a guarantee that the offspring will not exhibit any of these defects, as it is not known how the combination of genes carried by the dam and sire will affect their offspring.

Some of our dogs and their offspring are involved in pet therapy, agility and field training. We make every effort to keep in touch with our puppy buyers to track the health and soundness of the pups we have produced and to offer our adoptive families advice and support.

It gives us immense pleasure to see our puppy buyers open up their hearts and souls to welcome these wonderful animals into their lives.

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